Nomination Deadline:
Jan. 17, 2014

Dudley Wilkinson Award of Distinction

The Dudley Wilkinson Award of Distinction was established in 1988 and was named for the authors—Dorothy H. Dudley and Irma Bezold Wilkinson—of Museum Registration Methods

It is issued to a museum professional who has demonstrated commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the registration profession. Past recipients of the award include Marie Malaro, Kay Paris, Stephen Weil, Mary Case, Kittu Longstreth Brown, Cordelia Rose, Rebecca Buck and Jean Allman Gilmore, Deborah Hull-Walski and Gwen Bitz. 

The award is present every two years and the winner is asked to address the Registrars Network at the business meeting.

If you know of someone who has contributed greatly to the field of museum registration, please submit nominations to Angela Stanford, RC-AAM Vice-Chair, by Jan. 17, 2014. The application for the nominee should contain the person’s name, contact information, a brief biographical sketch and a cover letter explaining his or her contributions to the profession.