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Submission Deadline:
Jan. 31, 2016


Email: Claudia Ocello

EdCom Award for Excellence in Resources

The award for published resources recognizes outstanding resources in print or print/multimedia formats.

Award Criteria

  • Audience Research: Who is the intended audience and how does the product serve them? How does it reflect meaningful research and evaluation results? Were audience members involved in the creation of the product?
  • Best Practices in Education Theory: How have staff and designer worked together to ensure learning takes place? Was the piece successful? Is it pertinent to the institution’s mission?
  • Creativity and Design: Is the product well designed and visually appealing? Is it unique and original? Is it easy to use?

You must be a member of the Alliance and EdCom to be considered for the award.



  • “I’m Here” Gallery Guide Series
    Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ

    Each of these three visitor guides (I’m here…with kids; I’m here…for the first time; I’m here…on a date) introducing the museum’s collections evolved from known motivations for visiting The Phoenix Art Museum using survey data and the work of John Falk, and on-site behaviors from museum visitor studies. Judges were struck also by the method of content production for these guides, using an innovative education department staff retreat known as a “sprint,” where educators worked intently on one project off-site to complete it in a day’s time. Visitors have commented on them and included them in social media posts and the demand has exceeded their original print run.



  • Preparing for the Oath: U.S. History and Civics for Citizenship
    Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington, DC