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Jan. 31, 2017


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EdCom Award for Innovation in Museum Education

The EdCom Award for Innovation in Museum Education recognizes, encourages, and celebrates innovation in museum education. The award goes to either an individual or team in conjunction with a program, resource, or media piece, and could include a museum program done in the community outside the museum walls. We define innovation as a new technology, practice, or methodology, or repurposing of an old or existing method or practice. Programs/projects that clearly address one or more of the challenges cited in the Center for the Future of Museums' "Building the Future of Education: Museums and the Learning Ecosystem" and/or respond to broad trends in education and museum education (either in the K-12 world or learning for adults, seniors, and pre-K audiences) will be given special consideration.

2016 Award for Innovation in Museum Education

Accokeek Foundation, Accokeek, MD
for Eco-Explorers: Colonial Time Warp

This field trip program uses the context of colonial history to teach current-day environmental literacy. The program immerses students in an exciting role-playing scenario where students engage in a mission to save the earth and change the course of history, connecting history to the present in useful. Relevant, and personal ways. Accokeek Foundation undertook this program revamp after their field trip program faced a significant decline. Judges felt the program demonstrated how museums are essential institutions; fostered cross-disciplinary approaches that favor critical thinking and user-centered decision-making; shifted hiring and training practices that now foster a culture of innovation at the site; and is scalable and replicable across the museum Landscape.