Publications Competition Categories

Judges will move any inappropriately designated entry to the correct category.All entries are automatically eligible for the Frances Smyth-Ravenel Prize for Excellence in Publication Design, which recognizes the "best of show."

A. Exhibition Catalogues

Any substantial, nonperiodical publication, in any format, designed to accompany a specific exhibit. (Please note: pamphlets, brochures, CD-ROM/DVD packaging, etc. should be entered as "supplementary materials." See category "N.")

B. Posters

C. Annual Reports

D. Books

Any nonperiodical publication other than an exhibition catalogue: guides, monographs, histories, scholarly works, etc.

E. Newsletters and Calendar of Events

Any publication issued at regular intervals, primarily informational in content, published in a newspaper or conventional newsletter format. Submit only one copy. Any regular listing of events: posters, informational brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, etc. (Please note: Calendars intended for sale or distribution to the public are not eligible).

F. Magazines

Any publication issued at regular intervals, primarily informational/analytical in content, published in a magazine format. Submit only one copy.

G. Scholarly Journals

Any publication issued at regular intervals that is primarily academic in content. Submit only one issue.

H. Invitations to Events

I. Press Kits, Marketing and Public Relations Materials

Promotional materials about your institution, created for a specific exhibit/event. Submit a complete press kit as it would be given to a member of the press. Newspaper or magazine advertisements, media campaigns, etc. (Please note: This category is for publications only. T-shirts, buttons, banners, billboards, etc. are not eligible.)

J. Fundraising/Membership Materials

Created for a fundraising campaign or a membership promotion. Submit a complete package.

K.  Educational Resources

Printed materials intended to help educators teach about artifacts on display and/or the topic an exhibit discusses. For example: teaching kits or guides, children's activity books or kits, material promoting or explaining educational programs.

L. Supplementary Materials

Any other materials printed for distribution that inform the public about your institution and/or its exhibits. For example: maps, general information brochures, gift items featuring your collection or an exhibit, CD-ROM/DVD packaging. (Please note: T-shirts, buttons, banners, tote bags, etc. are not eligible.)