26th Annual Excellence in Exhibitions Competition

The Excellence in Exhibition Competition recognizes exhibitions for overall excellence or for stretching the limits of exhibition content and design through innovation. This year’s entries were peer reviewed based on the recently updated AAM Standards for Museums Exhibitions and Indicators of Excellence which include criteria in seven major categories: audience awareness; evaluation; content; collections; interpretation and communication; design and production; and human comfort, safety, and accessibility. Awards are sponsored by four of AAM's Professional Networks including the Committee on Audience Research and Evaluation (CARE), Curators Committee (CurCom), Education Committee (EdCom) and National Association of Museum Exhibition (NAME).

2014 Awards

Special Distinction Honors

  • Imaginative Design and Interpretation:  Philadelphia Museum of Art, “Design for the Modern Child”

Recognized for design and straight-forward conveyance of interpretation with the opportunity to make it real in programming space

  • Innovative Integration of Design and Content: Museum Victoria, “First Peoples”
Recognized for beautiful design built around content—clearly listened to their audience which was incorporated into the content; thoughtfulness of the tiniest design decisions
  • Exemplary Model of Creating Experiences for Social Engagement: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, “Jungle Trails”
Recognized for its ambition to engage in social engagement and listening to their visitors in creating a multi-sensory experience
  • Outstanding Connections Between Design, Content and Community Context : Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, “Nature Lab”
Recognized for engaging connection between design and content connecting nature in an urban environment
Honorable Mention
  • Lower Eastside Tenement Museum, “Shop Life”  

Recognized for connecting history to contemporary life with a commitment to facilitation