Advocacy Alert: Aug. 31, 2011

Help Us Make the Case for Museums; Effective Advocacy Begins With Good Data!

We already know that you're a passionate, committed advocate for museums. Now we're asking you to help provide AAM and the museum field with the tools we need to make our case.

Will you share a few key pieces of your museum's financial data to help AAM fight for all museums, on Capitol Hill and elsewhere?

In the past, museums across the nation contributed data to AAM's Museum Financial Information survey; now museums can contribute the same key data through AAM's secure online tool, Museum Benchmarking Online (MBO). Data about specific museums will always remain confidential.

"Museums need credible, comprehensive data to make the best case to policymakers - especially when they start cutting budgets," said AAM president Ford W. Bell. "MBO is a quick, easy way to support the advocacy efforts of the entire museum field. And we ask that you share your data by October 31 so we can begin to share this field-wide data with policymakers and other key stakeholders."

Go to for details, including a list of the data being collected, the documents you'll need to assemble before starting, a video introduction to the system and highlights of its benchmarking capabilities. You do not need to subscribe or be an AAM member to enter your museum's data. But museums do need to select one person to serve as the primary contact, so you may need to forward this to the director and then encourage him or her to enlist the museum.

For the good of the museum field, please take a few minutes to share your vital statistics with AAM. If you have questions, please send them to