Advocacy Alert: Sept. 4

Help Update the New IMLS List of U.S. Museums;
Is your museum included in the Museum Universe Data File?

In May, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) began an effort to count every museum in the United States. The agency released an online data file of 35,144 museums—and called on the museum field to review it and provide feedback to ensure that every museum was included.

Is your museum accurately listed?

Please take two minutes to review the data file on the IMLS website. You can download and review the file in Excel (5.8 MB) or CSV (2.5 MB), and should report any corrections to
“This effort is a tremendous opportunity for the museum field, and I hope everyone will take two minutes to take part in this important data review,” said AAM President Ford W. Bell. “In December the agency will release an updated list of museums and we need to do our part to make sure it is accurate and includes every museum.”
The IMLS Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation, led by Carlos Manjarrez, welcomes your feedback, including U.S. museums that do not appear in the current data file, museums that are listed more than once, and museums that are no longer active.
Read the Museum Universe Data File Q&A and learn more about the data collection methodology.
Thank you for taking time to improve the data about museums!
If you have already reviewed the IMLS data file and provided feedback to IMLS, we invite you to tell us: what kind of research would you like to see IMLS conduct about the museum field.