Cancellation FAQs

I canceled my registration and haven't received my refund.

All refunds requests must be received in writing and take approximately 2 weeks to process from the date of receipt. All refund requests also must be received by April 29 and are subject to our refund policy and a $75 fee. For specific information about your refund, please contact Alliance registration.

It is after the cancellation deadline of April 29 and I can't attend the meeting, can I get a refund?

Please e-mail Alliance registration with your cancellation request, briefly stating your situation. You will receive a response from the registration department within two weeks of receipt. Please be advised that after the Advance deadline of April 29, the Alliance is not able to refund any ticketed event fees. You may also transfer your registration.

Will canceling my registration automatically cancel my hotel reservation as well?

No. Housing is separate from your registration. If you made your reservation through our Housing Bureau, you must contact the Housing Bureau at 1-844-293-7038. All hotel cancellations are subject to the housing/hotel cancellation policy. If you have reserved at Hostelling International, you must contact the hostel directly to cancel your reservation. 

My plans have changed and I can no longer attend the meeting. Can I transfer my registration to another person?

Attendees (non-exhibitors) who are unable to attend the meeting may transfer their registration to another individual from their organization. Transfer requests are subject to a $75 processing fee. A transfer request form must be completed and sent to Alliance registration with payment information until May 13, 2016. Upon receipt, the original registration rate and any event tickets purchased will transfer to the new attendee, and the new registrant will receive a confirmation. Transfer requests will not be accepted on-site in Washington, DC.