All-Staff Membership Package

What is it?

As part of our Tier 3 museum membership, museums have the exclusive opportunity to purchase the All-Staff Package of individual memberships at one low price. This enables directors to provide additional resources to their team, and staff to put those resources to work—for their museums and their own careers.

What do you receive?

In addition to the benefits individuals receive as staff of a Tier 3 museum, they also receive:

  • An individual subscription to Museum magazine
  • Their own membership card that many museums honor with free/reduced admissions

How do you make it happen?

Simply select the All-Staff Package corresponding to your museum staff size as you complete the membership form or contact our membership staff at 866-226-2150 to have it added to your current museum membership. Individuals can make their leadership aware of the opportunity.

How do I activate my All-Staff membership?

To find out if your museum has purchased the All-Staff Package, log-in to our website and then view your profile overview. If your museum has already signed up, ask your HR department for details or our membership staff.