Assessment Types

Choose the assessment that’s right for you. Not sure? Consult with MAP staff for help.

Organizational Assessment

Review all areas of your museum’s operations, emphasizing strategic planning and aligning operations and resources with mission.

Common outcomes

Increased knowledge about staff and/or governing authority’s roles and responsibilities, museum standards and best practices and resources available to support sustainability.

Improved alignment of operations, resources and organizational structure to mission.

Improved ability to:

  • develop or refine mission statement, institutional plan and policies, and procedures
    understand the roles and responsibilities of staff and governing authority.
  • understand standards and best practices.
  • improve financial sustainability.  

Collections Stewardship Assessment

Review your collections policies and management, focusing on care and use, acquisitions and deaccessioning, legal/ethical/safety issues, documentation, inventory and emergency planning.

Common outcomes 

Increased knowledge about collections standards and best practices.
Improved alignment of collections with mission and institutional plan.
Improved ability to:

  • write a collections plan.
  • raise funds to support collections.
  • improve collections stewardship.
  • develop/review/revise collections policies and procedures.
  • assess needs in collections and facilities management.

Community Engagement Assessment

Assess your museum’s understanding of and relationship with its various communities and examines the communities’ perception of and experience with the museum to inform planning and operational decisions.

Common outcomes

Increased understanding of the museum’s community and stakeholders.

Improved ability to:

  • communicate with and serve the community.
  • identify and develop potential audiences.
  • create collaborations to address community needs.
  • improve visitor services.
  • write a long-range interpretive plan that connects the museum’s mission to its audiences.

Leadership/Governance Assessment*

Guide your museum’s governing authority and senior leadership in examining their roles and responsibilities in nonprofit governance practices and legal and ethical issues. (Full cost only.)

Common outcomes

Increased awareness of museum standards and best practices, leadership roles and responsibilities, and legal and ethical issues specific to museums.

Improved ability of the governing authority to:

  • advance the museum’s mission.
  • engage in effective planning.
  • manage resources appropriately.
  • serve the museum’s community.
  • recruit and orient new governing body members.
  • ensure effective organizational planning.

Because the Leadership Assessment requires a significant time commitment, the governing authority is required to pass a resolution in support of the museum's application. The resolution should indicate that the members of the governing authority support the goals of the assessment and will devote the time needed to complete the program. A model is included in the Flexible Participation application.
We recommend that the museum's governing authority begin discussing participation in and goals for the Leadership Assessment several months prior to the application deadline.

*Available at full cost only through the Flexible Participation program. Contact MAP staff for details.