Accreditation Costs  

Accreditation fees cover about 50 percent of the annual costs of operating the Accreditation Program each year. The other half is subsidized by general operating funds generated from member dues and revenue from other Alliance products and services. Nonpayment of fees may jeopardize the museum’s accredited status.

Alliance membership
is not required for accreditation but certain levels of membership offer substantial savings on accreditation fees. Membership dues are billed separately from Accreditation fees.

Alliance Membership Status (museum)

Tier 3

Tier 2

Tier 1



  • There is no fee to apply.









Self-Study:  Review Fee*

  • Covers costs associated with the administration of a museum’s re/accreditation review from application, through Self-Study, site visit, and Accreditation Commission decision
  • Triggered when the Self-Study is submitted, which is approximately every ten years, and based on the museum’s Alliance membership status at that time
  • No refunds or adjustments will be made once the Self-Study is submitted
  • May be paid as a lump sum or in 3 or 5 annual installments (10% surcharge applies and is collected in full with 1st payment)









Site Visit:  Peer Reviewer Expenses

  • The museum is responsible for expenses related to the site visit: travel, accommodation, meals, and related incidentals for two Peer Reviewers for a 1 ½ - 3 day visit
  • Very large museum systems may require 3 reviewers
  • Site visit expenses are reimbursed to the peer reviewers by the Alliance and the Alliance invoices the museum a few weeks after the site visit


Varies based on museum location, number of days, mode of travel, etc.

Suggest museums budget $1,700-$2,400



Annual Participation Fee