Introducing the Core Documents

As part of developing the new Continuum of Excellence the Alliance designated the following five items as Core Documents, and created a new assessment/recognition program around them called Core Documents Verification.

  • Mission Statement
  • Institutional Code of Ethics
  • Strategic Institutional Plan
  • Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Response Plan
  • Collections Management Policy (or, for non-collecting institutions: borrowing and custodial care policies)

The five documents have been designated as Core Documents because they are fundamental for basic professional museum operations and embody core museum values and practices. They codify and guide decisions and actions that promote institutional stability and viability, which in turn allows the museum to fulfill its educational role, preserve treasures for future generations and be an enduring part of its community. The documents are also required for accreditation and the required elements defined for each are those used in the accreditation review process.

All Peer Reviewers—and especially MAP reviewers—should familiarize themselves with the required elements of the five Core Documents as well as the corresponding Alliance Reference Guides for each.