Peer Reviewer Online Profile

After many months of development and testing, we are excited to debut your new, online Peer Reviewer Profile! Here’s where we collect and store your availability, experience, expertise and information on other skill sets. Using this information we can better match you with museums, only ask you to go on visits during times you are available and create a snapshot of who you are for the museums to review.

Some new features of the online Profile include the ability to: upload your resume; add and update your employment and educational history; indicate your availability for the next three years; list foreign language skills and international work; and list any non-profit board service. And of course, you can edit your Profile any time.

Please take a few minutes to log in to your Profile and review the information that’s there, and fill-in your availability and any data that’s missing or out-of-date.

The most important new piece of information we are seeking from everyone is your availability in the next three years (select yes or no for pre-set date ranges). 

Don’t worry about being locked into any answer: you can always go back and change your availability answers any time; and saying that you are available does not obligate you to go on a visit at that time, it’s just your way of telling us you are open to offers.

How to Access Your Profile

  1. Login to our website. (Every reviewer already has a username and password. Please email us for yours. Do not create a new login.)
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. On the first tab, called Profile Overview, click the link labeled Edit Your Peer Reviewer Profile.
  4. Enter / update your data. The Profile is broken up in to three web pages.
  5. When done, on page three check Yes to the Conflict of Interest agreement and click Save and Submit changes.

A few guidelines:

  • You can enter data all at once or enter some and return later as often as you like (even after you hit the Save and Submit button).
  • Make sure to save often, especially before you exit. Inactivity after about 15 minutes will cause the system to time out and you will have to log back in; any unsaved data may be lost. To save, use the Save buttons at the bottom of each screen.
  • You may find some of the fields are pre-filled with existing data; simply leave as-is if correct or overwrite to change.
  • Some answers trigger additional questions or fields.
  • The only section of the Profile you can’t change is the “Approved For” section. If you want to change what types of reviews you can do, contact MAP or Accreditation staff.
  • You must check Yes to agree to the Conflict of Interest statement each time you submit updated data.
  • Availability answers for all three date ranges for all three years listed are required in order to proceed past page two.

Many thanks go out to the 27 peer reviewers that served as our beta testers for the Profile and new online Application.

  • Allison Titman
  • Benjamin Filene
  • Brian Bray
  • Brent Tharp
  • Cliff Vanderpool
  • David Ellis
  • Erin Younger
  • Gary Schneider
  • Greta  Brunschwyler
  • Ian Kerrigan
  • Jason Illari
  • Kari Saaverda
  • Kate  Schureman
  • Linda Norris
  • Marise McDermott
  • Max van Balgooy
  • Mike DiPaolo
  • Pat Miller
  • Putter Bert
  • Regina Faden
  • Rita Lara
  • Robin Gabriel
  • Rod Cofield
  • Sarah Wolfe
  • Susie Wilkening
  • Tony Lewis
  • Viva Fisher