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Emerging Professionals

Emerging Museum Professionals (EMP)

  • Have you been in the museum field less than five years?
  • Are you interested in connecting with other museum colleagues?
  • Have you been looking for additional resources to guide your career path?
  • Are you a mid-career or senior-level professional interested in supporting the next generation of museum leaders?

If the answer is “Yes,” you’ve come to right place!

Join or Support a Local EMP Group

Meet new colleagues, share ideas and experiences, build a stronger museum network and give back to museum field. Most EMP groups offer:

  • Informal networking events (e.g. happy hours or sporting events)
  • Museum-specific social activities (e.g. exhibition tours, behind-the-scenes tours)
  • Professional development programs (e.g. career workshops, mentoring activities)

For more information about local EMP groups and their activities, please visit their Facebook pages or email contacts linked below. 

Find a Group

Current EMP groups are listed below. Please note that local EMP groups operate independently and are not affiliated with AAM.

Host a Local EMP Event

Get Involved

EMP groups rely on volunteer leadership and welcome new faces, whether you are an EMP or an EMP supporter! Raise your hand by contacting the local/regional group on Facebook. If you can’t locate that person, please let us know and we will try to help.

Interested in starting a local EMP group?

If you are interested in starting an EMP group, and there is not one active already, here are a few things to consider:

  • Identify the need. Is there a need for an EMP group in your city or region? Having an EMP group is only as good as the sustained activity it engages. Start by reaching out to a handful of local colleagues, invite them to a happy hour or coffee house and talk about issues. Would an EMP group help address these issues?
  • Identify the leaders. The success of your local EMP group can’t rest on your shoulders alone. People come and go, take new jobs, move to another city. Start with two or three other colleagues who will commit to planning your group from the start.
  • Be visible. Establish a Facebook page and/or other online presence so people know about your group. Cross-post your group’s events to the main AAM Emerging Museum Professionals Facebook page. Connect with fellow EMPs and post information on AAM’s Museum Junction online community.  Let AAM know about your events so we can post them to the online Events Calendar.
  • Start small, be consistent, be patient. Start your EMP group with some small, easy-to-manage activities, like a happy hour or informal visit to a museum. Offer these programs on a regular basis and see how things go. Don’t be discouraged if only a few people show up at first. Encourage those who do show up to invite a colleague next time.
  • Connect. The purpose behind starting an EMP group is to connect with local colleagues, including emerging, mid-career and senior-level professionals. Connecting with local museum colleagues can help you build momentum for and participation in your EMP group. Let them know of your plans and ask them if they might help connect you with others in your area.


If you would like more information on joining, starting or leading a local EMP group, please contact Greg Stevens at