Selection and Next Steps


An independent selection committee with experience working internationally reviews final proposals and recommends projects for awards. Selection criteria include:

Project Concept

The project is original, innovative, and addresses a critical need in the communities. The proposal explains the importance of international collaboration to the success of the project and describes how communities can gain new/different perspectives and experiences as a result.

Institutional Capacity

The proposal is in alignment with institutions' missions and reflects their expertise in the subject area and in planning programs that strengthen connections between museums and communities.


The proposal clearly indicates how members of the community act as equal participants in the project, rather than passive audiences. It outlines the targeted segment of the community in each country, strategies for recruitment and specific project activities and shows evidence that the communities are supportive of the proposed activities.

Project Structure

The proposal includes a highly detailed project structure that indicates partners have considered how the project will be executed from beginning to end and have considered the potential challenges of the collaboration.

Outputs and Public Outreach

The proposal exhibits originality, substance and precision while defining specific outputs that excite and engage audience members in each community. The project design includes dynamic public outreach and public programming both in the U.S. and overseas.

Outcomes and Impact

The proposal incorporates the required outcome of creating increased understanding between the U.S. community and the community abroad as well as at least two other measurable outcomes. It demonstrates potential to have significant impact on the primary participants as well as the broader communities.


The budget is realistic and abides by Museums Connect guidelines.


The proposal includes thoughtful ideas for sustaining the activities of the project after the award period.

Additional Criteria

Additional consideration is given to projects that include:

  • one of the cycle's themes.
  • a realistic timeline.
  • youth, racial or ethnic minorities, special-needs audiences, underrepresented/underserved populations and/or women as participants.
  • a non-US partner in a priority country or region.
  • evidence of support from the U.S. embassy or consulate.

Next Steps

After selection, provisional award status is announced. Awards become official after the completion of implementation agreements, drafted with the assistance of Museums Connect staff.

Museums Connect awards are typically announced in May or June.