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Education and Interpretation Recorded Webinars

Planning for Technology

(Part 1 of series, The Digital Museum)

Whether your institution is small, large or somewhere in-between, many challenges confront you as you plan for, adopt and adapt to technology. This webinar addresses the use of technology and its impact on our professional practice, our institutional operations and the pursuit of our missions. 

Technology and Museum Visitor Experiences

(Part 2 of series, The Digital Museum)

Museums have traditionally described for whom, how and why they interpret their collections or concepts. This webinar introduces you to the Context Continuum, a practical tool for better understanding the experience our institutions offer and the elements that may be lacking for many visitors. Presenters discuss a variety of options suited to different types of environments, each using technology and media to "meet the visitors where they are."

Online Learning and Education

(Part 3 of series, The Digital Museum)

Which online learning environments work for which audiences? What are good strategies for beginning and sustaining online learning programs in museums? This webinar explores how online learning has been implemented by museums, with presenters providing examples and sharing experiences regarding the use of online interactions for multiple generations and entrance narratives.

Trends in Technology

(Part 4 of series, The Digital Museum)

Adoption of open source tools, open access models, user-generated content, co-authorship, social networking and mobile technologies has affected the ways museums interpret their mission statements, articulate their strategies, encourage audience interaction and participation, reach an expanded global community and share digital collections. This webinar addresses the questions and challenges surrounding trends in technology that have changed traditional ways of thinking, creating new collaborations and renewing the museum's vision for the future.

Excellence & Equity: Then, Now, Next

Part 1: Then and Now
Part 2: Now and Next

This webinar series explores the important public dimension of museums through the lens of AAM’s landmark publication, Excellence and Equity: Education and the Public Dimension of Museums. Next generation and veteran museum leaders from various disciplines engage in a thought-provoking discourse about how far we have (or haven’t) come in addressing and advocating for the museum’s role as an educational institution.

Interpretive Planning Basics: Planning for Visitor Experiences

This webinar focuses on the critical components of an interpretive plan, exploring the interpretive planning process as it relates to visitor experiences, educational opportunities and interpretation in informal learning institutions.  

Audience Research and Evaluation

This webinar provides an overview of essential planning for audience research in your institution, and practical tips and tools for implementing effective research and evaluation of your (real and virtual) audiences. Explore the landscape of essential components for evaluation planning, including an examination of institutional mission, vision and purpose and articulation of goals for any research or evaluation study.

Understanding Life Stages of the Museum Visitor

Leading experts share their research from over 30,000 Core Visitors to museums as they discuss museum audiences, their needs and how you can better meet their expectations.

Museum and School Partnerships

Gain practical information to help you and your museum foster sustainable museum/school partnerships. The how, why and what of partnerships and basic components of sound museum programs for schools is supported by on-the-ground examples of partnerships in action.