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Financial Stability Recorded Webinars

Building Audience Engagement and Public Awareness through Crowdfunding

In May 2013, the Smithsonian Freer and Sackler Galleries embarked on the Smithsonian’s first major crowdfunding campaign, raising more than $170,000 for the exhibition “Yoga: The Art of Transformation.” Its success depended on much more than fundraising tactics, and involved marketing, branding, messaging across multiple platforms, planting word-of-mouth promotion, and special events. The team behind the campaign discuss what worked—and what other organizations can learn from the experience.

Fundraising in Challenging Economic Times

(Part of Straight Talk: Museums Rising to the Financial Challenge series)

Seasoned fundraising professionals discuss practical ways to raise money: membership, annual gifts, major and endowment gifts, and capital campaigns. Topics include "value messaging," keeping your board and fundraising volunteers motivated, offering pledges with flexible payment plans and finding hidden opportunities for new gifts.

Increasing Your Museum’s Contributed Income

Knowing how to turn basic members into major- and even mega-gift donors is key to providing your museum with the resources to implement their missions. This program explores how specifically to work with people to encourage larger gifts, more support and more power for your museum.

New Structures and Strategies for Board Engagement and Fundraising

In this webinar, presenters offer new structures and strategies to organize the relationship-building and fundraising work of the board, highlighting specific approaches and case studies from a variety of institutions, discussing how these approaches allow museums to apply the strategies in the development process to models that engage the full board and yield results—and raise money. 

Retrenchment, Reinvention, Realignment

(Part of Straight Talk: Museums Rising to the Financial Challenge series)

Senior level colleagues explore how institutions can best respond to the economic tsunami by making and communicating effective decisions across the organization, building or reinforcing collaborations and partnerships, managing change, and refocusing on mission, vision and institutional goals. 

Tax Form 990: Drilldown

 A non-profit tax specialist, a museum CFO and a museum director provide the detailed 990 information you need to tackle expanded reporting requirements and to favorably position your institution with donors and charity watchdog groups.

Tax Form 990: Why You Should Care!

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Form 990 has significant implications for museum financial reporting, record-keeping and organizational policies. Legal counsel from the Smithsonian Institution, a senior analyst from the IRS and a non-profit tax advisor provide important information to help you to get a better grip on what the Tax Form 990 means to your institution, to your staff, how to implement it and how to make it work for you.