Magnetic: The Art and Science of Engagement

Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013

An Alliance Online Town Hall

Join authors Anne Bergeron and Beth Tuttle as they discuss the traits and approaches to engagement of high performance museums outlined in their recent Alliance bestseller, Magnetic: The Art and Science of Engagement. In this Online Town Hall, participants will hear the inspiring stories of six museums that transformed the business practices by aligning mission and vision with an intentional focus on their publics—what thought leader Stephen Weil called for more than 13 years ago when he challenged museums to “be for somebody,” not just “about something.” The result of a three-year research study, Magnetic explores how “people” engagement helps to garner resources critical to organizational success.

How Will I Benefit?

By participating in this program, attendees will be better able to:

  • Consider the essential function of establishing an inspiring vision and engaging internal and external communities with the future direction of their organization
  • Realize the importance of acting with intentionality in concert with authentic and well-articulated institutional values
  • Align meaning and means by integrating organizational mission and impact with the systems and resources that undergird programmatic and organizational excellence

Who Should Attend

Museum directors, board members, CFOs and other senior staff responsible for planning and resource allocation; development and external affairs staff; visitor services staff; audience research and evaluation staff; independent professionals and staff of consulting firms advising museums on organizational strategies.


  • Anne Bergeron, associate director of external affairs, Dallas Museum of Art
  • Beth Tuttle, director and CEO, Cultural Data Project, Philadelphia


  • Greg Stevens, assistant director, professional development, American Alliance of Museums, Washington, D.C.