Magnetic: The Art and Science of Engagement

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Magnetic: The Art and Science of Engagement

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By Anne Bergeron and Beth Tuttle

“Magnetic” describes an institution with a powerful internal alignment and a compelling vision, allowing it to attract the critical resources for organizational success: talented and committed people; loyal and engaged audiences, donors and stakeholders; a positive reputation and powerful goodwill; and the financial capital required to sustain programmatic excellence and growth. Authors Anne Bergeron and Beth Tuttle analyze six American museums that embraced a shift in philosophy and set a course of stakeholder, audience, and community engagement. Their “magnetic” quality provides a model for all types of organizations—from corporations to nonprofits—that want to maximize engagement with their customers and develop their true public service potential.

"Bergeron and Tuttle should be commended for this outstanding and timely book on the relationship between leadership, innovation, and sustainability. Nothing else exists that synthesizes these crosscurrents like Magnetic: the Art and Science of Engagement. This book will change not only the way cultural and other non-profit leaders think about themselves, but will also show how they can respond more creatively and effectively to the changing times, demographics, and demands of their workplaces, audiences and constituencies."—Kathy Kretman, Ph.D., director, Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership, Georgetown University

Magnetic: The Art and Science of Engagement
The AAM Press 2013


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