Crown Jewels: Five Great National Parks Around the World

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Crown Jewels: Five Great National Parks Around the World and the Challenges They Face (paper)

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Edited by Randolph Delehanty

The national park idea first emerged in the United States with the establishment of Yellowstone in 1872. Today there are at least 7,000 national parks in 140 countries around the world. But all face growing challenges from rapid environmental change, worldwide economic recession, and political pressures of varying degree. Crown Jewels presents fascinating, richly illustrated portraits of parks in the U.S., East Africa, Italy, Amazonia, Tibet, and Australia, with analyses by park experts in each region. Crown Jewels reminds us that our world’s stunningly beautiful national parks are an irreplaceable resource with an uncertain future—and all of us are key to securing that future.

“For those of us concerned about global efforts to preserve and sustain these priceless reserves of land and wildlife known as the world’s national parks, Crown Jewels—beautifully illustrated, authoritatively written—offers us history, hope, and an honest appraisal of the tasks ahead.”— Ford W. Bell, President, American Alliance of Museums

ISBN 978-1-933253-73-2
160 pp., 100 color and B&W images
The AAM Press 2013


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