Teaching the Museum: Careers in Museum Education

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Teaching the Museum: Careers in Museum Education
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Teaching the Museum:

Careers in Museum Education

Edited by Leah M. Melber, Ph.D.

Education departments in museums of all kinds serve millions of students and adult learners every year, using the objects and other resources of the museum. Teaching the Museum offers insights, anecdotes and valuable advice on how to get started and how to succeed in this rapidly growing field. Twenty contributors with decades of museum experience point out the opportunities for new graduates and seasoned teachers alike who want to explore this exciting profession.


Leah Melber, editor, is senior director, Hurvis Center for Learning Innovation and Collaboration, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago.


“Teaching the Museum is so much more than a 'how to' book for educators and emerging professionals. It is an exploration of lives dedicated to the enrichment of others, written by people for whom success is far more than career advancement. These museum educators aim to touch human souls and make their worlds more wondrous, joyful and meaningful. How they do it—their personal stories, thoughtful advice and counter-intuitions—will inspire you as well.”

— John Wetenhall, Director, The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum


ISBN 978-1-933253-92-3

160 pages, paper

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Teaching The Museum: Careers in Museum Education

is published with the generous support of

Johns Hopkins University


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