Art & Energy: How Culture Changes

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Art & Energy: How Culture Changes is available in two formats--print and mobi.

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Art & Energy: How Culture Changes by Barry Lord

The AAM Press 2014

In Art & Energy, Barry Lord argues that human creativity is deeply linked to the resources available on earth for our survival. From our ancient mastery of fire through our exploitation of coal, oil and gas, to the development of today’s renewable energy sources, each new source of energy fundamentally transforms our art and culture—how we interact with the world, organize our communities, communicate and conceive of and assign value to art. By analyzing art, artists, and museums across eras and continents, Lord demonstrates how our cultural values and artistic expression are formed by our efforts to access and control the energy sources that make these cultures possible. Ultimately, Art & Energy reveals how, in Lord’s words, “energy transition is a powerful engine of cultural change.”

“Barry Lord is one of our world's great cultural thinkers. In Art & Energy, he explores the powerful relationship between culture and our fixation with and need for energy as fuel for all endeavors. It is a must-read for anyone concerned with meaning-making in an increasingly complex world.” — Jeff Melanson, President, The Banff Centre

“Barry Lord tells a compelling story of how the human pursuit of energy changes our values, our cultures and our art over time. I did not expect to learn about cooperation, collective identity, mass markets, transformation, consumption, anxiety and stewardship when I cracked open Barry Lord’s Art & Energy. But I did, and I will never think of energy or art in the same way again.” — Charles H. Walter, Exec. Director, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

ISBN 9781933253916

280 pp., 50 illustrations 6.5 x 9.5 in., paper.

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Also available in a mobi version.

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